Electronic Health Record Solution

Axion Health ReadySet® features intuitive, fast, accurate data entry, comprehensive reports, automated communications and an enterprise level, secure data repository for all occupational health records, resulting in more efficient operations and improved organizational compliance.


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Managing Health Records and Appointments

ehrAxion Health offers a web-accessible, regulatory-compliant EHR designed for:

  • Occupational health workflows
  • Paperless records management
  • Mobile data entry options
  • Role-based access for strict control over personal health information

Axion Health is a unique EHRvendor in that their ReadySet® EHR system is 100% paperless and lets clinics manage all employee health records for day-to-day operations and charting.


ReadySet® EHR software:

  • Provides fast and accurate employee electronic health record data entry and retrieval
  • Features instant, system-wide reporting across multiple locations and facilities
  • Fosters reduced errors through elimination of double data entry
  • Eliminates filing, distributing, and collecting of paper forms

The following examples are part of the comprehensive set of EHR program management tools that feed into the paperless employee health records:


Employee Self Service provides employees with a way to access their health records, check appointments, and complete surveys. The "My Health" portal significantly improves employee engagement in the occupational health setting. The self-service portal allows employees access their electronic medical records to:

  • Print their medical exam and test results
  • Complete/print health assessments, health history forms, waivers, and declinations
  • View/print results letters, certifications, and appointment information

Pre Employment Screening is critical to baseline employee health prior to employment and to access employee readiness for job responsibilities. ReadySet® consistently and efficiently manages all medical screening processes for candidates, re-hires, and transfers. Recruiters initiate and schedule all medical tests based on job requirements. Job candidates sign in and complete all preliminary surveys in their EHR via the Internet. The system automatically notifies recruiters of screening completion.


Drug/Alcohol Testing for Employment can be used for pre-hire screening, for-cause, and random tests, or as part of an incident investigation. The module can electronically receive results data from toxicology labs using a standard interface and also has tools for selecting subjects for random testing — by user enterable percentages, departments, job descriptions and locations.


Vision Tests for visual acuity and color discrimination can be part of a pre-placement or regularly scheduled program. The vision survey gathers all required information from the worker for accurate clinical assessment. Charting forms record vision testing results.


Hearing Screening can be part of a pre-placement or regularly scheduled program. In either case, the participant fills out a comprehensive hearing survey via the cloud-based EHR program, which gathers all required information for accurate clinical assessment. ReadySet® collects audiometry test data and can interface with compliant equipment. The hearing conservation module tracks audiometric test results, interpretations, and can record threshold shifts.


Immunization Software management and reporting tools provide an integrated, reliable, streamlined, and compliant tracking program. The system handles all one time, annual, boosters, and shot series. In electronic medical records, it tracks prior documentation of immunity, vaccination dates, titer results, and can send automated reminders to workers who are due for an immunization action.


TB Testing can be used for pre-hire candidate screening, annual programs or in response to an exposure. The program assures consistent and medically proven advice during testing, recording all results, and conversions that may be reportable to county health departments.


Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Data tools collect and track a participant's biometric data in the EHR, allowing both participants and clinicians to easily spot changes in condition over time. Spotting these changes enables the promotion and encouragement of the individual adopting healthier lifestyle, which, in turn, results in better healthcare cost management.


Illness, Injury and Exposure EHR tools include an integrated suite of participant surveys, clinical charting forms, and report-of-injury forms. Standard reports let organizations consistently and accurately document, track, and report on a wide range of employee incident types. The module also generates federally mandated incident and injury reports (OSHA forms 300, 300A, 301).